NFP Telecom
NFP Telecom is proud to be the only
allworx PLATINUM APEX partner
all of upstate New York.
All NFP Telecom staff are
experienced professionals who are

allworx (ACP) Certified.  
250-B LUCIUS GORDON DRIVE, SUITE 6, WEST HENRIETTA, NY 14586   |    PHONE  585-347-4270
The best People, Process and
roducts create an unmatched
result for you. Our aim is simple:
Long-term relationships based on

Trust, Satisfaction, and
NFP Telecom
Green (IT) Computing and Green Technology refer to the environmentally responsible use
of computers and any other technology related resources. Green computing includes the
implementation of best practices, such as energy efficien
t central processing units (CPUs),
peripherals and servers. In addition green technology aims to reduce resource consumption
and improve the disposal of electronic waste
When you are considering an equipment purchase, LEASING is an
excellent alternative to a cash purchase or conventional loan because it
allows you to conserve working capital and lines of credit.
At NFP Telecom you'll find business leasing products for your business
I.T. needs. We will work with you to design a lease program to fit your
needs that provide a single finance source for your important I.T. project.