IP NETWORK - Complete Business Network Solutions
PoE), Firewall, Managed Access-Points/WDS, & Security

IP TELEPHONY - Business Telephony
Affordable, flexible, mobile, with remote worker features; work
across town, the state, or the US! Custom Call Center (ACD) with
real-time/historical reporting, and available reader-boards

IP ACCESS Control - IP connected
Includes comprehensive reporting, scheduling, flexible controls

IP Security Camera Solutions
High-Definition solutions featuring; High Efficiency Video
Codec/H.265, Real-time viewing, notifications, remote viewer
Access Control
IP-Security Cameras
Since our founding in 1997, NFP has grown and
diversified while remaining focused on
our original mission:

To provide Non-Profit Organizations & SME's with a broad
range of affordable
IP-based solutions that deliver on the
promise of 21st century technology.
441 Penbrooke Drive
Suite 1
Penfield, NY 14526
Phone: 585-347-4270
Contact Info:
441 Penbrooke Drive
Suite 1
Penfield, NY 14526
A CONVERGED IP Network provides a Best Practices and
scalable (PoE Powered) environment over which to run, and
manage a myriad of critical IP-based business systems...